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A Community for the Meetings Profession

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How to Join

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To Join Me Co

1. Web access and or email through google group.
  • To get a google group account you to sign up

    Here is the link
  • Then you fill in your email address and the password needs to have a number
    in it and be a min. of 6 characters long. You need the password strength to
    be strong or it will not take it.
  • Under re-enter password, there is a check box and this message "Check here
    to disable Personalized Search. " I would recommend doing this, unless you
    want google to store every search you do from now on when you are logged in.
  • Next enter first and last name in nickname. Then enter your location and
    word verification thingy.
  • Then click on "I agree. Create my account" button.
    It will then send you an email that you need to click on the link and it
    will verify you and you have created a new account.
  • Then click on the link from the email to sign in.
  • After you put in your username and password it will take you to The Meetings Community Join Page
  • Under "How do you want to read this group?" select your email setting.
    Email option means 40-100 messages a day.
  • Enter your First and Last Name under nickname
  • Answer the question, "Please let us know who you are and what company you represent. Don't worry - this only goes to the moderators. We have added this to make sure we reduce the spammers that might get onto our list."
  • Click on apply to this group.
  • You will then see a congratulations message and that your information has been forwarded to the moderators of the group. And when we approve you, you will get an email message that you have been approved.
  • Now log in and you should see Meetings Community (MeCo) on the left hand
    side click on it and you have access to all the message posted.
  • Note: To not have your messages archived. Use the following link to access
    how to do it.


Google Groups
MeetingsCommunity (MeCo)
Visit this group


If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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