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To contact the moderators email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Your MeCo Moderators

Your Moderators are:

Monday      - Cheryl Gendron, CMP (Maryland) and Andrea Gold (Arizona)
Tuesday      - Tom Blackman (Pennsylvania) and Pat Ahaesy, CMP, CSEP (New York)
Wednesday - Lisa McNorton (Nevada)
Thursday     - Lisa Dyson, CMP (Virginia)
Friday         -  Sue Walton (Illinois)
Weekends   -  Jim Louis, CMP. MS (MeCo founder) (Minnesota)             
Associate Moderator: Michelle Taunton, CMP, CMM (Florida)
Social Media Master & MeCo Social Media HQ Moderator - Dan Parks (MeCo co-founder) (California), Lisa McNorton (Nevada), & Steve Collins (Colorado), are MeCo Political Junkie Moderators

MeCo Moderator Coverage:
MeCo Moderators are unpaid volunteers, based around the USA. They usually sign in to say hello on their "day." Moderators generally keep an eye on the listserv from 9 am - 5 pm in their time zones. If you email a moderator for assistance or questions, please allow for up to a 24-hour delay in response.

Guidelines and Moderator Actions (Applying for Membership, Moderation, Out-Of-Office Messages, Heated Discussions, Marketing, Inappropriate Posting):
MeCo is a Google group, a free service provided by Google. Members can “post” a comment or question on the listserv 24/7.

  1. MeCo Member Application Process: Prospective members are required to apply for membership. Simply enter your name and organization in the required fields, and answer the question about how you are affiliated to the meetings industry. IMPORTANT: Member applications that do not answer the question about relationships to the meetings industry are automatically denied.
  2. Moderated status:
    Moderators reserve the right to place any member on “moderate” status or to take them off “moderate” status without notifying the member. The posts of moderated members will be reviewed and approved manually. Being placed on moderate does not stop a member’s ability to receive messages. Examples include discussions that may harm another, out-of-office autoreply emails, political, religious or other comments not related to the meetings industry, or if a member’s account has been hacked.
  3. Out-of-office messages:
    If a moderator discovers repeated (over a 2-day period) “out-of-office” posts from a member, that member will automatically be placed on moderated status.
  4. Heated discussions:
    Some posts may stimulate personal attacks or heated discussions not appropriate for MeCo. Members involved will automatically be placed on moderated status.
  5. Marketing on the list:
    The members of this listserv feel strongly about not having any sales or marketing on MeCo. Moderators will give a member who markets one warning and, will place that member on moderate. If the member persists and markets again, that member is permanently banned from MeCo.
  6. Inappropriate posting:
    Moderators will usually vote as a team to determine inappropriate posts.


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